Computer modeling, visualization and 3D design

Realistic three-dimensional image gives the opportunity to consider the future object almost in its natural form with the smallest details. But in difference to the completed projects, 3D model can be modified, including the most sweeping changes. In addition, computer 3D visualization helps to customer pre-estimate the cost of the project and if necessary adjust the budget.

Modern technology allows us to reduce costs and time spent to achieve the purpose. In the case of building works in order to obtain maximum results and avoid rework, in the initial design stage we recommend to create the desired object in three dimensions. In addition, creating a 3D model, in the initial stage we have the opportunity still to verify the functionality of a building or premises to assess its aesthetics, to produce an effective cost accounting of the used materials, as well as to understand the extent possible the realization of dreams and wishes of the customer.

Our young but very promising designers constantly add to their knowledge and skills, and in conjunction with the latest IT represent a powerful mechanism to create the interiors and exteriors. A team of construction specialists helps our designers to realize the most complex projects of the most demanding customers.

We currently offer the following services:

- design project of interior, facades and landscapes

- a three-dimensional computer modeling, 3D visualization, working documents preparation.


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