Engineering solutions and analysis of load

One of the most sought-after niche specialists in our team - this is a design engineer, especially when it comes to complex and unusual projects.

The strength of any design engineer - math, the need of which often makes it necessary to appeal to these professionals. On the basis of rigorous calculations, it is able to calculate the size of the foundation, bearing components, etc., that is to provide needed information to build.

What distinguishes a good and professional design engineer? His readiness to perform calculations, review to offer constructive solutions variety and modern alternative materials. Naturally, all the engineers are mathematics, but an indicator of high grade is exactly how much you choose specialist open to finding solution that is optimal in terms of design, functionality and financial costs.

Some design engineers often overestimate the dimensions of parts for  designed structures, thereby simplifying the calculations and hedging in case of error. And this turn leads to inflated costs, and too unwieldy to buildings.

In contrast, our design engineer always sends all his knowledge and experience to find the most effective and elegant solution to create reliable, durable and beautiful construction.


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