Our main area of activity - such as development, design, fabrication and construction of geodesic dome structures.

The construction frame could be made of aluminum, steel or wood. For coating could beĀ  used: PVC tent, glass, polycarbonate, wood, aluminum, plastic or wooden panels.

Due to the simplicity, strength, versatility, original design and the low price today geodesic dome structures are widely used in various projects.

Dwelling houses of this construction is cheaper than square houses up to 25%, and industrial dome constructions is cheaper than square constructions up to 40% of the same area. Also dome constructions is self-supported and do not have inside columns and overlaps.

Dome constructions, designed and produced by our company can be divided into temporary and permanent, and have the following applications:

- Industrial premises

- Tents for open athletic fields

- Halls for conferences and presentations

- Pavilions for corporate events

- Pavilions for exhibitions

- Clubs, restaurants, cafes

- Pavilions for parties, celebrations, weddings

- Concert halls and cabaret tents

- Botanical gardens and greenhouses

- Planetariums

- Facilities for sports events

- Art galleries and studios

- Rooms for fitness

- Gym class, dance, yoga

- Winter tents for outdoor pools

- Houses and guest houses

- Workshops

- Warehouses

- Winter gardens

Due to the natural shape and design features, our domes have high strength characteristics and high rates of snow and wind loads, and are resistant to seismic ground motions.

Our computer program is able to generate a dome of any diameter and any height, depending on customer requirements and is able to calculate not only circular shapes, but oval and elongated structures of cylindrical shape.

Our team - the best mathematicians, engineers, designers and planners who are always ply their experience and find the best solution, and can recommend the most innovative and progressive ideas to integrate our constructions into your project.

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