Dome over Riga

Dome over old Riga town.

Dome creation over old Riga town is the most ambitious project we ever had. With a help of special computer software we were able to calculate a dome construction with 1 km diameter and 275 m height that will cover 785 000 m2 area.

Richard Buckminster Fuller - the creator of geodesic dome had a dream to cover Manhattan city with a dome. Less than a year ago American engineers process a project and the idea of that project is to cover Houston city with a dome which will protect the city from 5th category storms. Besides the main purpose under the dome there will be always a good weather. Just imagine that under the dome will be no wind, no rain, expenses on heating will greatly cut down and communal services will save a lot of money without a need to clean the city from the snow.

In our case, besides everything we already mentioned, expenses that should go on city restoration works will greatly fall down. No more need for city cafes to use tents that doesn't match to the look of an old city town. Tourist will be able to enjoy the view of a city, and the whole dome construction over the city will be something unique because at the moment there is no analogue.

Dome construction is made of metal carcass and triangle sections. Whole dome will be covered by ETFE tape that passes about 98% of sun light and is able to bear more than 300% tension.

The same construction is already build in Great Britain in tropic greenhouse Eden project.

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